Smart and tenacious

No one ever said historic renovation and urban redevelopment was easy. In fact, everything about these projects, from land acquisition to financing, is downright difficult.

The Ferchill Group’s achievements are a testament to the multidisciplinary, energetic and talented group of senior officers and associates that are driven to perform every day.

At The Ferchill Group, we set high expectations for ourselves. We have the experience, know-how and financial strength to bring investment to distressed real estate. We build lasting relationships. We find our work rewarding. That’s how we make it seem easy.

“The Ferchill Group’s success can be attributed to the quality of our staff — smart, experienced and dedicated professionals who know their jobs very well and are willing to go the extra mile to make a project happen.”

Marty Herman,
Former President, The Ferchill Group

John J. Ferchill | Chairman/CEO

John FerchillFounded in 1978, The Ferchill Group grew dramatically in the 1990s after John Ferchill started capitalizing on the construction of new ballparks and sports arenas with the development of hotels. John’s innate ability to determine ‘the next big thing’ in the real estate market has allowed the team to be ahead of the game and develop projects that meet the needs of the market, while adding value to the region

The Ferchill Group has transformed from a small company dabbling in Cleveland residential projects into a leading urban niche developer. The Ferchill Group is quickly becoming a firm that cities turn to when they need help with highly complex urban projects.

John Ferchill possesses an impressive background in virtually every aspect of real estate development, and his portfolio includes projects of every scale and type.

John says he’s proud of his company’s role in enriching and reinvigorating America’s older cities. He’s also proud of his team. “I’m most flattered by the compliments I receive about our people. They’re tough, smart and tenacious. I believe they are the next generation of leaders in the urban redevelopment industry.”

“John Ferchill knows what it takes to make a project happen. He is willing to take calculated risks because he sees the untapped potential of older cities that often face daunting development challenges. He brings innovative, ambitious and creative thinking to the table. When you have a tough project, and you need it done right — the first time — there’s no better choice than The Ferchill Group.”

Council President Martin J. Sweeney,
City of Cleveland

 “The first day I met John in my office, I immediately felt he was a ‘doer’. He came in with a vision for changing Pittsburgh, and with that spirit I knew within 15 minutes that I’d be able to deal with him. He said to me, ‘If you want to develop the technology center site, these are the things I can do for you’. In a half hour, we got the deal done.”

Mulugetta Birru,
Former Executive Director, Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh
Current Executive Director, Wayne County Economic Development Corp. in Michigan

Kevin M. Weigand | Chief Financial Officer

216-566-7676 x108

Kevin M. WeigandKevin has two decades of experience in the development industry. At The Ferchill Group, he is responsible for all of the financial reporting within the firm and to third parties and also oversees all construction management–related issues on the firm’s development projects. Kevin holds a degree in accounting from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.


Thomas F. Gorensek | Director of Asset Management