Cities SavedThe Ferchill Group considers itself fortunate in having development opportunities that stimulate growth and job creation in some of America’s greatest cities. We support urban centers and believe our work should complement the revitalization efforts already underway in those communities.

We specialize in enhancing urban communities. In the process, our team is ever-cognizant of the important sensitivities of working within a community’s historic district. We strive to reach an appropriate balance between preserving tradition, renewing infrastructure and establishing modern amenities.

Take for example the Hilton Garden Inn located in downtown Detroit’s historic Harmonie Park.

Walt Watkins, former chief development officer for the City of Detroit, points out that the Hilton Garden Inn doesn’t look like a “typical” Hilton. “The Ferchill team accommodated the surrounding neighborhood and incorporated the features and aesthetics of nearby buildings. Despite a higher price tag, the project received strong buy-in from the community and historic district and created a fitting, attractive and unique hotel development for downtown Detroit,” he said.

“No developer had the guts to build a hotel in Detroit in a dozen years. It was great to have an out-of-town developer (Ferchill) come into a new city with an understanding of our history and the confidence in our future to make such a large investment.”

George Jackson
Former President,
Detroit Economic Growth Corporation
Current Interim Chief Development Officer,
City of Detroit