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The Ferchill Group is a diversified real estate development and management firm headquartered in Cleveland. The Ferchill Group is recognized for successfully completing multi-faceted projects in older cities working to renew their image. With an emphasis on the reuse, restoration and expansion of existing buildings and properties, we have a history of working closely with our public sector partners to awaken older, neglected urban areas.

We have spent more than 25 years planning, constructing and managing large commercial projects including office buildings, full-service and limited-service hotels, and residential projects at every scale. We have acquired, developed or redeveloped nearly $1 billion in outstanding real estate assets in Cleveland, Akron, Buffalo, Detroit, New York and Pittsburgh.

As a result of our experience and the strength of our projects, our business has been built on referrals from clients, lenders and partners. It is not unusual for us to step in to projects where others have failed. One competitive advantage we provide is our ability to creatively assemble capital that allows us to execute on projects of substantial complexity that otherwise would not happen.

“The Ferchill Group’s downtown Hilton Garden Inn put Detroit back on the map as a point of investment — locally and nationally. Ferchill’s commitment to our city has aided in not only new spin–off development, but an improved perception of downtown Detroit.”

Walt Watkins,
Former Chief Development Officer,
City of Detroit

Our success is made possible through our relationships with outstanding architecture, construction and financing partners that offer unmatched excellence from concept to completion. With our corporate objective sharply focused on development, we are relentless when it comes to completing our projects on time and on budget.